World Congress and Expo on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Call for Abstracts

Please submit abstracts at The abstracts should not exceed 300 words & should be written in English, clearly showing paper title, author's information & all the contact details (organization, mailing address, E-mail, phone, fax & additional authors).

Submit your abstract to any of the following sessions. All related abstracts are accepted.

Session-1: Nanostructed Materials

Session-2: Nonomedicine

Session-3: Nanobiotechnology

Session-4: Nanoengineering

Session-5: Materials Science and Engineering

Session-6: Environmental Nanotechnology

Session-7: Biomaterials and Polymer Chemistry

Session-8: Nanotechnologies in Pharma Indutry - from Drug Synthesis to
                     Drug Delivery

Session-9: Nanotechnology in Genetics

Session-10: Nanoscience Assisted Cell and Tissue Engineering

Session-11: Nanotechnology based tools for Disease Diagnosis

Session-12: Computational Techniques for Nanotechnologies, Nanosensors
                     and Actuators

Session-13: Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics

Session-14: Robotics and Mechatronics

Session-15: Nanophysics

Session-16: Bionanoscience

Session-17: Nanodevices and Nanomedical Approaches

Session-18: Carbon based Nanomaterials, Devices and Technologies

Session-19: Nanomaterials for Harvesting Devices and green
                     Energy Generation

Session-20: Technologies for Graphene based Devices